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Strategic Copywriting Packages

There are a lot of copywriters out there, so why me? 

I approach copywriting from a place of compassion, understanding, and research. I will dig deep to understand your ideal client and what they want to hear. And then I will tell it to them — without the BS.

I'm not here to manipulate or coerce. I don't use coercive marketing tactics to force people to fall for your offer. I just talk to your audience like they are humans. With real feelings and real experiences. 

And I create copy that converts because of it. Because I learn your ideal client inside and out, with compassion and humility. 

If you're ready to stay focused in your zone of genius without the distraction of having to write your own emails or sales pages or blog posts, I'm here to help. I know you could do it on your own. But you don't have to. 

Work with me to reinvigorate your messaging. I put storytelling and emotion at the core of everything I write — with a dash of SEO and analytics!

All packages start with a questionnaire and interview to figure out what your goals are as a business and to provide me with enough information to create copy in your brand's voice. 

If you're a business owner or marketing team with too much on your plate — let me help.

Check out my offerings or reach out for more information! These are just the starting point. 

Payment plans are available for all packages above $500 with 1-6 month payment options. 

Web Copy Package

Starting at $2000 for three pages

Your website needs to draw in your ideal customer. I learn your brand voice and create concise, engaging copy to inspire your ideal clients to purchase or dig deeper into your product or services.

Includes Brand Voice Guide

Add-ons include: nurture email campaigns, blogs, additional website copy, and implementation support.

Sales Pages

Starting at $1500

Launching a course, program, or product? Tired of slaving through the process of writing your own sales pages? Stay in your zone of genius by outsourcing the copy for your sales page. I will get to know your brand voice and your offer thoroughly, and then I will create a magnetic sales page that will speak directly to your ideal clients.

Brand Messaging and Voice Guide

Starting at $1000

Looking to build a cohesive brand across platforms and seamlessly create content that sounds like you — even if you're not the one writing it? Creating a brand voice and messaging guide makes you sound like the authority in your space that you truly are. And it allows you to easily outsource, hire employees, or just create content faster. 

Blog Posts

Starting at $500

Blogs drive organic search traffic to your website, earning you $$!

I will write story-driven, interview-based educational blogs to help new and old customers connect with your brand!

Launch Package

Starting at $2000

Take the stress off of your launch with all the copy done for you!

Includes sales page and email funnel for your upcoming launch. Starting from 5 emails.


Add on & package options: market research, implementation support, brand voice, or edits of current sales pages. 

Copy Audit

Starting at $350

Don't even know where to start? 

Let me help. I'll go through your website and figure out your pain points with SEO and engaging copy front of mind. 

Email Copy

Starting at $150/Email Campaign

Engage with your audience and drive sales with thoughtfully written emails. From monthly newsletters to a sales campaign, bring together your content strategy with my email copy. 

Product Descriptions

Starting at $100/description

Your products (or services) have a story. I will turn your concepts and product specs into a story that appeals to your ideal customer — and makes you lots of $$.

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