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Ilana: the human behind the words

I've been a storyteller since I was a kid.

I would spend hours writing stories by hand, coming up with characters and magical lands. 

Now, I write what I know. I write about the places I feel most at home. I write about the outdoors, and the things that bring me joy.

As an outdoor copywriter and photographer, my biggest joy comes from helping other businesses owners own their stories. 

Whether we're working with words or images, I will help you bring your story to life. 

When I'm not behind my computer, I'm exploring the Four Corner where I currently live.


From backcountry skiing in the San Juans, to climbing Indian Creek cracks, or exploring a hidden corner of the desert, this landscape is where I draw inspiration and joy. 

If I'm not outside, I'm knitting or baking or reading or writing just for fun!

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