My name is Ilana Newman and I want to tell your story.

I am a traveling photographer and writer, based out of the Pacific Northwest. I want to inspire people to spend time in the outdoors through imagery and writing.

I live in a van, so that I can spend my free time outside, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, spending time with friends, and capturing it all on camera and in writing. I would love to work with you to bring your own stories to life, whether that be portraits of you and your partner, photos of you doing what you love, or for your business.

Catch me climbing granite cracks in the mountains, traversing glaciers, or sipping coffee from the back of my van as the sun rises, swimming in icy rivers, or hiding in the van editing photos and writing in the heat of the day until it gets cool enough to embrace the fresh air again. 

I would love to bring your story to life. Contact me if you are interested in working with me!


|Washington, USA|


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