The forest is reflected in her eyes as we follow the path deeper and deeper into the dark. I wonder if it is less about the physicality of her hand in mine and more about that mental connection to someone of substance. I feel the dark earth beneath my feet, the dampness working its way into my skin, cooling my mind. She has a force surrounding her, pulling me on and on, into her wooded world. I wonder where we are going. I don't dare to ask. We met in the woods. Not these woods, these trees are too young, those trees stretched almost to the stars I remember. The bark so old it nearly cracked under the weight of generations. The day we met I was walking aimlessly, a sketch pad in my hand, fee

How To Be Brave

[Published in Pulse Spikes Issue 2] I try every day to be brave. I try to conquer the anxiety stirring in my chest and face the fears that inhibit my creativity, my desires, my happiness. Every single day I struggle with how, or even why, I should try to push my boundaries. Why can’t I sit in my bed forever and drink tea till I die? Am I good enough at anything to successfully add to society? I really don’t have answers to any of my questions, and I am constantly asking new ones. What I have now realized is that the questions never stop. The worries never stop. But every single victory means that much more when your mind is competing with your body and soul to quench every accomplishment. Pu